The IVBV/IFMGA/UIAGM Subcommittee on Trekking and Expeditions has been dealing with the topic of leadership at high altitudes for many years.

The Commission's task is to implement the high safety and quality standards of IFMGA in international trekking and expedition mountaineering. To this end, own guidelines were drawn up and recommendations were formulated for IFMGA mountain guides and tour operators. In order to be able to take account of the ever-increasing tourism to the high-altitude and remote regions of the world, there is a special training for mountain guides on the topic. Since the working field of trekking and expedition mountaineering is one of the most demanding things a mountain guide can do, a course concept has been developed by the Committee with the involvement of experienced professional guides, which offers an ideal introduction to guided tours at high altitude and extreme and remote regions. The courses are offered at various bases in the Alps and are led by professionals.

It would be desirable if tour operators in particular were to employ more qualified or trained staff in future. Since training in the required high quality is hardly affordable by a single organiser, they could fall back on the courses offered by the IFMGA. After successful participation, students will receive a course confirmation. Every organiser or mountain guide has to bear responsibility for his guests, both legally and morally - but training should not be taken in the sense of an obligation, but in the sense of prevention or quality improvement and quality assurance. After all, all guests could expect the best possible preparation and support.


Walter Zörer,

May 2023