We are proud to announce and welcome LENZ to the IFMGA as our Official Title Sponsor!  Since 1987, Lenz products have stayed true to “Leading by Innovation” and redefining standards.  They have many patented and unique heated products widely regarded as the best in the world.  Thus the perfect fit to partner with us and elevate the IFMGA brand worldwide on their platform and use our experience and time in the mountains to provide Lenz with product feedback and visibility.  

Lenz is a small family owned business located in Austria.  All products are made locally, in their 100% clean energy factory and sourced from sustainable materials.  We applaud Lenz’s “think about” big picture perspective on sustainability and treading as light as possible on the Earth.  And with this, Lenz is a perfect partner for us to tread lightly in the mountains on our human-powered endeavors with greater comfort to perform our job.  IFMGA Mountain guides world-wide will receive 40% off retail prices on all Lenz Products for personal use. 

Please inquire directly to your Member Association for the details. 


Lenz discount