The IFMGA is an international umbrella federation for mountain guide associations. 

The IFMGA governs for its members the profession of mountain guiding internationally by:

  • developing and maintaining standards of practice that drive consistency in the mountain guiding profession for its members
  • developing and maintaining a model code of professional ethics for mountain guides for its members
  • facilitating information exchange and fellowship among its member associations and their members
  • holding member associations accountable to its mandatory training standards
  • promoting reciprocity of access among member associations
  • supporting the development of each national mountain guide association, who is member of the IFMGA
  • actively representing the interests of the mountain guides to national and international authorities and media

 Responsibilities to Stakeholders


  • Setting the standards for training of mountain guides who manage risk for their clients
  • Providing a visible and transparent process by which mountain guides are certified
  • Providing information on the mountain guiding profession as requested

Member associations

  • Coordinating the formation of new national associations, provided that there is currently no national association representing the IFMGA
  • Facilitating entry of national associations into the IFMGA, provided no other asociation already represents the nation within the IFMGA
  • Determining for member associations mandatory international training standards
  • Facilitating and promoting cooperation and synergies among member associations

Mountain guides

  • Setting the standards for the professional practice and behaviour of mountain guides
  • Providing services and assistance
  • Promoting cooperation and collegiality


  • Advocating for the mountain guiding profession with government agencies
  • Providing mountaineering safety and technique consultation


  • Providing information on mountaineering and safety as requested


  • Protecting the IFMGA brand
  • Providing clarity on the training and capability of IFMGA mountain guides
  • Cooperating for the benefit of the public

Principles of conduct

  • The IFMGA understands and aligns itself with mountain guides and their interests
  • The IFMGA maintains the traditional values of the profession
  • The IFMGA keeps the profession growing and relevant in a changing world
  • The IFMGA represents itself and its profession to all stakeholders with honour and integrity
  • The FMGA aims at the unity of the respective mountain guide associations within the respective countries

The IFMGA places strong emphasis on adherence to its Code of Professional Practice