• Martin Schrott
  • Marco Heltai
  • Franz Baumgartner
  • David Lombas
  • Matevz Vukotik


The Technical Canyoning Committee is engaged in developing best practices in canyoning for IFMGA guides through collaboration with other professional organizations and leading industry experts.  The goal is to building a strong culture of common techniques and risk management practices in the canyoning environment.

The committee serves as a technical body, a resource and collaborative study center where professionals can deepen their technical proficiency and engage in topics that support the development of the canyoning discipline.

The committee holds virtual monthly meetings and holds an annual international meeting in October every year where practical information and dialogue are shared with participants.

Topics and focus of the annual meeting include:

  • Technical operations and working in the river environment
  • Information sharing and building a mutual knowledgebase
  • Development of collaboration strategies in and outside the IFMGA
  • Deep investigation of themes participants propose
  • Development of thematic days and initiatives on central topics

Discussion of the technical feasibility to support aspiring countries developing the practice of canyoning


2023 Annual International Canyoning Meeting

Sierra de Guara Spain October 2023

Ecology and low impact practices - canyons around the world

This year the focus will be raising awareness and concrete actions we can take to protect the canyons and our planet. Each national member association is invited to propose concrete initiatives to be developed to reach the goal.  Common topics around this year’s theme will include education, techniques, safety and cooperation.

Once details are finalized dates will be posted here and announced in the IFMGA newsletter.