After 2 years of not meeting due to Covid, it was fantastic that 22 of the 26 Member Associations were present, with the other 4 attending virtually. Maybe the first time we’ve had a 100% attendance.

The election of the Georgians was a wonderful moment. And then on a more serious note, the Mobility Conference chaired by Hanno clearly achieved its hopes, its objectives; and just maybe in 2022 some of the mobility issues will be resolved.

I came away from the four days with a good feeling about the IFMGA. We had some good discussions, many on issues where people would have different views; and it was all done in a spirit of respect. There is an expression in English language about someone ‘throwing their toys out of the pram’ - it needs no explanation, and no toys were thrown !

My thanks to all who attended and made it such a good meeting.

Peter Cliff, President IFMGA

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