TC Canyon subcommission

The TC canyon is a subcommission from the Technical Commission. Its goal is to promote and develop the canyoning professional activity for IFMGA Mountain Guides.

The past few years, an international training platform has been set by the IFMGA to match the canyoning skills of mountain guides who wish to work in this growing field. Training requirements have been cranked up a notch as the business is expanding and as customer safety is and always will be a priority.

Next step will be to participate in setting up an international platform for Canyon Leaders who are not Mountain Guides, and these qualified professionals exist in many countries and guides have to share the field with them. This platform will be used as a baseline to build an International Federation of Canyon Leader Associations, similar to IFMGA for Mountain Guides, in order to ensure quality in training and in professional practice for this activity, which is very important to a growing number of Mountain Guides.