TC Canyon subcommission

Marco Heltai  Italy

Martin Shroot Austria

Franz Baumgartner  Swiss

David Lombass Spain

Matevz Vukotik  Slovenia

The Canyoning commission is currently engaged in discussions aimed at increasing collaboration with other professional organizations over the years. This is because, in order for the commission to fulfill its role of promoting techniques and environmental awareness, it is necessary to foster constructive dialogue with all operators in the field.
The commission, originally established as a technical body, aspires to evolve into a practical and collaborative study center that delves into not only technical matters but also other relevant aspects. We invite all professionals with interesting topics related to the discipline's development to actively participate.
Internally, the commission conducts monthly web meetings and focuses on practical knowledge sharing during the annual international meeting held in October. The location for this meeting is chosen or proposed by each participant. This decision stems from our awareness of the need to protect our planet, as consolidating multiple days into a single large event helps reduce our carbon footprint.
The objectives of the annual meeting include:
  • Operational and technical discussions in the field of canyoning
  • Facilitating mutual understanding and networking
  • Developing constructive collaborations within and outside the IFMGA
  • Exploring suggested topics by each participant
  • Organizing thematic days and initiatives on key subjects
  • Assessing the technical feasibility of supporting requests from countries aiming to promote canyoning within their own territories
Work is currently underway for the 2023 meeting, which will take place in Sierra de Guara, Spain, in October 2023. The main theme for 2023 is "Ecology and Respect for Canyons Worldwide." Concrete actions to raise awareness and protect canyons and the environment will be a focal point. Each national organization is encouraged to propose specific initiatives toward achieving this goal.
In addition to the main theme, participants are welcome to propose topics related to education, technique, safety, and cooperation.