Responsible Professional Practice commission

Every IFMGA mountain guide has successfully completed a training program which complies to a standard platform, guaranteeing a certain level of quality. The Responsible Professional Practice commission ensures that quality is, besides initial training, also sustained in the professional practice.

This RPP commission deals with the following issues:

* How do our member associations together with their guides ensure quality management as an ongoing & more or less formal process ?

* It is be the core objective of the RPP commission to exchange/coordinate/improve what is being done, with the aim of mutualising resources

* How we deal with accidents, how we learn from them and from "near misses" is of course a central point of our work in this commission

The scope of the RPP commission can be summarized as follows:

* Accident management procedures and international solidarity in dealing with accidents abroad

* Learning from accidents & « near misses »

* IFMGA code of conduct

* Local use and customs

* Guide's liability insurance

* Organiser's liability insurance/Packaging – All inclusive