Practising as a Guide

Practising as a Guide

In order to practise professionally, an IFMGA Mountain Guide must have:

  • a Diploma / Certificate
  • a valid IFMGA Mountain Guide Card
  • up to date CPD
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Authorisation (depending on the country where the Guide is working)

Diploma / Certificate: the Mountain Guide Diploma is proof of competence and is issued by the competent authority. A competent authority varies from country to country, e.g. a state authority, a federal authority or a Guide Association.

IFMGA Mountain Guide card: The IFMGA issues or delegates the international Mountain Guide Card after having proved all necessary data submitted by the Member Association. The Card has to comply with the current status of technique and European rules in force and contains; the Guide’s name, date of birth, Member Association, passport type photograph and Licence Number as well as any specialisations (i. e. canyoning).

Authorisation: some Countries require an Authorisation to Work, issued by a National or Federal Government Department. It is a Mountain Guide’s personal responsibility to find out if Authorisation is required and, if so, to comply with it.