Polskie Stowarzyszenie Przewodników Wysokogórskich

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Corona Info

Start date and expiry date of the measures in force?

  • 13.3.2020 – …. Not decided yet

As for today (13.05) Tatra National Park mountains is open for all (with some restrictions – limited amount of tourists allowed per day), but situation for guides is uncertain – no clear interpretations of current restrictions

Possibility of guiding for foreign (non-resident) guides, yes/no, date?

  • No date, as borders are still not open. Officially, border controls are prolonged till 12th of June
  • No further restrictions, if You are staying in Poland and don’t have to be on a 14 day quarantine...

Possibility of coming to the country for foreign (non-resident) tourists, yes/no, date?

  • At the moment, the borders are still closed for tourism, we hope for an opening on 12th/13th of June 2020

cable car open, yes/no, date?

  • Cable car is open for all (limited amount of users)

open hut, yes/no, date?

  • As for 13.05 - some huts are open with several restrictions (online reservation obligatory, limited amount of guests allowed) as all hotels in Poland are open since beginning of May (with restrictions concerning capacity, and amount of quests allowed). 

    The other huts are not open for the night, if they don’t have enough capacity required by government restrictions. In that case only food is served.

Not allowed activities (Mountain Sector), what are they?

  • Uncertain situation – officially: mountain activity is allowed as Tatra National Park is open (with some restrictions; limited amount of people allowed to get in). On bases of that guides are working, but there are no official directions that would be decisive.

maximum group size?

  • Uncertain. No public gatherings allowed

Protective measures

  • social distancing: minimum 2m, outdoor sports – no precised
  • wearing a mask: indoor yes, outdoor no
  • wearing of gloves: outdoor no/shops yes, obligatory in case of direct contact

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