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Corona Info

Start date and expiry date of the measures in force?

  • 24/06  changes 4th July

Possibility of guiding for foreign (non-resident) guides, yes/no, date?

  • England  possible in very limited form.

  • Scotland No

  • Wales No

  • Northern Ireland No

  • Ireland No

Possibility of coming to the country for foreign (non-resident) tourists, yes/no, date?

  • Yes but 14 day quarantine in place

cable car open, yes/no, date?

  • No

open hut, yes/no, date?

  • No

Not allowed activities (Mountain Sector), what are they?

  • England  Walking and climbing allowed if the land owner gives access
  • Scotland  Walking climbing allowed if no more than 5 miles from home. Allowed for professionals with no travel limit but not for work or with amateurs.
  • Wales Walking climbing allowed only if land owner gives access. Limited travel allowed
  • Northern Ireland   Walking climbing allowed. Limited travel
  • Ireland  Walking and climbing allowed but only in county/canton of residence.

maximum group size?

  • England groups of six outside

  • Scotland eight people outside

  • Wales   only people from one other household

  • Northern Ireland adhere to social distancing (2m)

Protective measures

  • social distancing: minimum 2m
  • wearing a mask; public transport
  • wearing of gloves: no, Administering first aid yes
  • you should self-quarantine if you have symptoms.

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