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Corona Info

Start date and expiry date of the measures in force?

  • It is changing every week

Possibility of guiding for foreign (non-resident) guides, yes/no, date?

   1. From 02.06.2020, outdoor sports with 10 people are again allowed in Baden-Württemberg.

   2. In the Bavarian cabinet meeting on May 26th, 2020 it was decided that from June 8th, 2020 outdoor sports in groups of up to 20 people will be allowed.

   3. In addition, the opening of indoor sports facilities is allowed again from June 8th, 20 (e.g. climbing halls).

possibility of coming to the country for foreign (non-resident) tourists, yes/no, date?

  • At the moment the borders are still closed for tourism, expected opening at 15th June 2020, first step EU countries inkl. GB and Switzerland

cable car open, yes/no, date?

  • Yes, some starts now, but it depends from case to case

open hut, yes/no, date?

  • Yes, opening starts now. The possibility of spending the night varies from hut to hut

Not allowed activities (Mountain Sector), what are they?

  • none

maximum group size?

  • See above

Protective measures

  • social distancing: minimum 1,5 m, 
  • wearing a mask: indoor yes, outdoor no
  • wearing of gloves: no, only in case of direct contact (rescue, etc.)
  • liquid Chalk
  • bring your own sleeping bag when sleeping in a hut

Specific documents

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