Mountain Guide Training by IFMGA

Mountain Guide Training by IFMGA

Training and multi-national training by the IFMGA

6.1 The IFMGA Technical Committee may offer multi-national transnational Mountain Guide Training programmes. This encourages and supports countries and regions with no existing training structures or Member Associations which cannot organise regular training cycles due to small numbers of participants.

6.2 The IFMGA Technical Committee may organise a transnational training in collaboration with an IFMGA Member Association. In this case certification is done by the IFMGA Member Association.

6.3 The training curriculum stems from the IFMGA Platform. All course language is carried out in English.

6.4     Instructors from different countries are coordinated by the Technical Committee.

6.5 Successful Mountain Guides receive certification from the IFMGA and are required to become members  of an existing IFMGA Member Association