Mobility Commission

Javier Garrido (AEGM/SP)

Cesare Cesa Bianchi (CONAGAI/ITA)

Alexis Mallon (SNGM/FRA)

Gudrun Weikert (VDBS/GER)

Hanno Dönz (VOBS/AUT)

Rita Christen (SBV/CH)


The mobility work is done not by a commission, but as a workgroup of the competent persons from the big member associations, coordinated by Hanno Dönz and directed by our president Peter Cliff.

Peter Cliff has been the starting point in the IFMGA work with the EU commission since 2012, after 2016 started the mobility cooperation of the different associations and is in direct connection with the IFMGA board.

Our work is driven by the following principles:

All IFMGA guides worldwide have comparable education and training, access to the world’s mountains is of importance to professional mountain guides.

Many countries have regulations and registration procedures, which make the legal accessibility for the mountain guides with lots of bureaucracy sometimes not easy. We want to help the guides to get all the information and to facilitate their admittance to different mountainous regions worldwide.

Our aim is to maintain cooperation between all Member Associations, to work with the national regulating authorities and directly with the EU commission in Brussels.

We work together with our member associations to collect recent data about mobility regulations and restrictions in all mountain countries worldwide and provide them to our members in an easy to use database.