International Climbing Championship for Mountain Guides

Friday, October 25, 2019 - 09:00 to Saturday, October 26, 2019 - 19:00
Climbing Gym Kempten
The event will take place at the Swoboda Alpin climbing gym in Kempten. As starters allowed are Mountain Guides with IFMGA licence and Aspirant Guides with license card. Also there will be a “Guest Category”, where special members of the federations such as Mountain Leaders, Climbing Guides, Candidates and family members can take part. The participation fee must be paid in advance via online registration on the webpage of the VDBS ( ) Taking part in the competition every participant declares that he/she has the medical fitness for the competition. Everybody climbs on his/her own risk and with his/her own equipment. The organiser denies liability for accidents of participants or other persons. There is obligatory supervision of parents for their kids. Instructions of the organisers must be followed. 
Every participant receives an assessment-card. Within the climbing time (see schedule) every participant can climb the marked routs in any order. For each rout every participants has only one go. The rout must be climb in lead. The judgement starts when the first runner of a rout is clipped. Every runner must be clipped. The participants have to do a partner check with their belaying partner before entering a route. Bolts and runners are not allowed to use for climbing progress or resting. 
Points and judgement 
For the qualification round there are 18 routs prepared, set up in different colours. The grades reach from 5a to 7c+ (French rating). For each route difficulty there is a certain amount of points, which are multiplied by the number of clipped runners regarding to the rules. The judgement after a fall or loaded runner will be wrote down by the route judge on the assessment-card of the participant. For that the rope should not be drawn down until the route judge has written down the points. 
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