Chile and Argentina collaborate for the Ski mountaineering Module in the Malalcahuello area

Between August 1 and 21, Chile and Argentina collaborated to develop the "Ski mountaineering 1" module in the Malalcahuello area in Chile. This module is part of the training of the first generation of aspiring mountain guides for Chile. This training was prepared with the support of the federation through the technical direction and the Argentinean Association of Mountain Guides, AAGM, with whom the chilean association has an agreement and very good collaboration. In this opportunity, Roberto Treu was the overseer of the process.
The trainees have already developed a rock module and in October they will be in the alpine module. According to the planning, these aspirants, will take their first exam to become guides by 2024, and will be the first generation of UIAGM guides trained in Chile.
Among the topics that were developed, the students had to take an entrance exam to the ski module, where 1 person was left out of the process, and then in the training they mainly dealt with the following topics:
- Piste ski training
- Nivology and avalanche self-rescue.
- Mountain environment where ski mountaineering guiding techniques were applied.
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